Underground Shelters

Integrity Storm Shelters is your family's first line of defense when the sirens sound. Safety drills with your children's babysitter will provide them with the confidence to use our product—even if you are out for the night.

Underground storm shelters may be installed inside a garage.

Shelters can be installed inside of garages.

Folks with "slab" homes might want to consider this type of installation. We can also install under your trailer pads if we get there before your unit arrives.

Shelters can be installed inside of garages.

Our under garage shelter will hold 6 - 8 people. The inside dimensions are 7′ long, 42″ wide and 54″ tall. Ride out high winds and tornados safely with Integrity Storm Shelters.

Shelters can be installed inside of garages.

Want lighting (both 110 volt and battery back-up), alarm systems, TV, radio and other amenities? We can help.

Shelters can be installed inside of garages, too

* Our Tri-State area represents a limited area of the Ohio River Valley area, an approximately 65-mile radius encircling some portions of southwestern Indiana, southeastern Illinois, and north central Kentucky. There will be an additional charge thereafter for mileage. We can sell, deliver and install fiberglass storm shelters elsewhere, too, but the prices listed on this page reflect our immediate coverage area. Please don't hesitate to call if you have questions.

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