Looking for Ideas About Placement of Your Safe Room or Underground Integrity Storm Shelter?

This is a gallery of typical safe room and underground fiberglass storm shelter installation applications, as offered by Integrity Storm Shelters.

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This is a typical open space underground shelter installation.

Our shelters can be installed on most building sites with small to large open spaces.

This approach works well if you have an average sized lawn.

Underground shelters may be installed inside a garage.

Shelters can be installed inside of garages, too

Folks with "slab" homes might want to consider this type of installation. We can also install under your trailer pads if we get there before your unit arrives.

Finish your underground shelter with a flourish

Our clients have requested attractive finishes to the site, and we can deliver that, too.

Final site finishes can be attractive and creative. Our shelters can be equipped with lights, radios, CATV, phones and alarm systems.

You will be safe in a underground shelter model.

Father and daughter practice taking shelter in a recently completed shelter installation.

Family safety drills will help you and your children to prepare for tornados and high winds.

A Standard 4 x 6 Model Installed in a Free-Standing Building

Free-standing outdoor buildings make great Safe Room sites, too.

Adding a safe room to an outbuilding saves interior home or business space, while creating an on-site protective zone.

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A Deluxe 4 x 6 Model with 3 Deadbolts Installed in a Garage

Safe Rooms are easily intalled in garages.

An underutilized portion of your garage may house a safe room, proving you with ease of access and peace of mind.

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