Storm Shelter Installation

For Underground Shelters 4 or 6 Adult sized models, Integrity Storm Shelter Will Follow These Steps:

STEP 1: Dig the Hole

The first step is to execavte the hole for the shelter, as demonstrated here.

The hole dimensions will depend upon the size of the shelter. In this case, we are installing the Storm-Tek LS-6, a 6-adult capacity unit.

These units require modestly-sized excavation equipment, so the damage to the surrounding area is minimal, even when soil conditions are not favorable.

STEP 2: Install the Shelter

The second step is to place the shelter, as demonstrated here.

Rigid pipes are installed through the bottom of the shelter, to anchor the shelter underground. The shelter is then lowered into the leveled hole.

STEP 3: Install the Anchors

The third step achors the shelter to the ground utlizing bars and fiberglass matting.

The rigid pipe anchor system is then backfilled and a fiberglass mat is inserted to complete the anchor system. When finished, this mat holds the shelter in the ground during tornados and high winds.

STEP 4: Backfill The Hole

Finally, we backfill the hole and cover the shelter.

The material excavated from the hole is then backfilled around the shelter. The excess material is left on-site to allow for settling of the backfilled material.

Add Your Own Finishing Touches

Our clients have requested attractive finishes to the site, and we can deliver that, too.

Final site finishes can be attractive and creative. Adding lights, CATV, phones and alarm systems will add measures of comfort for you and your family as you ride out the storm in your Integrity Storm Shelter.

All Installations are Customized to Meet Your Needs

Shelters can be installed inside of garages, too

Site space limitations need not steer your decision to protect your family with one of our shelters.

We can install a unit inside of your garage, or place it under your trailer pads before your home is parked.

Family Safety Drills

A father and his daughter practice a safety drill in a newly installed Integrity Storm Shelter.

Safety drills with children and their caretakers will provide peace of mind when the tornado sirens sound.

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