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About Dan McKinney and Integrity Storm Shelters

Dan McKinney's firm has served the Tri-State for better than 26 years. He added the fiberglass underground shelters line-up to his business over seven years ago to provide his clients with a superior storm shelter system to protect against tornados and high winds.

In 2001 ALL WEATHER SAFE ROOMS™ brand steel-fabricated above ground safe rooms were added to the line-up. Climbing stairs is not an issue with these units. This year's addition of exterior models expands these safety products to better represent community, industrial and commercial scale—as well as personal protection for families.

You may request free estimates for the following, in addition to the storm shelter products:

All work is insured.


The sturdy, American-made, all-steel, welded construction of ALL WEATHER SAFE ROOMS brand of shelters provides rock-solid protection against the storms ahead. The above ground installation enables easy access to those with mobility difficulties. You will have no stairs to climb with this model of shelter. Interior and exterior designs—that are highly scalable—means you can now meet family, community, commercial and industrial applications affordably and easily.

About Available Amenities

Complete your installation with lighting (both 110 volt and battery back-up), alarm systems, TV, radio and other amenities. We can help.

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